relyenong bangus

13 May

This recipe should have been posted a month ago, the day after my niece’s christening in April 17. But, too much personal woes, family woes, including Everest-high chores and wifey duties ^_^…This recipe has been hibernating in my draft.

PLUS, making a RELLENO BANGUS is too daunting a task, I got zeroed in where to start:)

I guess, shall we start what “bangus” (Milkfish) to buy and perfect for this relyeno. I asked my SIL to buy the bigger ones, instead she bought smaller sizes of bangus. She said her “suki” (fish vendor) insisted these sizes. Will she be the one pounding and extracting the bangus meat? I nearly screamed ^_^.

I tell ya, the pounding part was okay. Here, hubby made me this wooden “pounder” specifically for bangus and for beef loins….

TIP NUMBER 1 Let it be a reminder that in making bangus relyeno, start pounding the body gently so as to loosen the meat for easy extraction. When it’s done, try feeling the ends of the bone, then try to twist it softly so as to break it near its tail. This is the easy way to debone the fish. Afterwards, scooped out the meat from the inside. Careful not to mangle the body and not to dislodge the head from the body.

Hey, what are we talking here? DECAPITATION OF WHAT^_^

Whew! Not even halfway through it. As I said, the recipe preparation is too laborious. But, let’s be done with it.

After deboning, after extracting the meat…Set both aside. Marinate the bangus skin into lemon juice or kalamansi juice, add few drops of Worcestershire sauce, ground pepper and a little salt.

TIP NUMBER 2: for easy deboning of the extracted bangus meat, I let it into a quick simmer. When the meat turned white, just wait for it to get cold then it is more easier to get the small bones out.

Get on with the ingredients:

ground pork (or tofu plus lots of veggies will be a healthier substitute)

carrots, celery, bell pepper, raisins, frozen peas


flour (or bread crumbs)


*as again, saute the bell peppers (diced), add the garlic and onions.

*add in the ground pork.

*season with salt, ground pepper, chili sauce, more Worcestershire sauce.

*when the ground pork nearly cooks add in the bangus meat, and the veggies. *Let simmer for a few minutes. Done cooking.

But not yet done with the relyeno itself^_^

*When the mixture got colder, add in the eggs and flour. This is to adhere the meat together.


*here’s the tricky part, now, my SIL knows why I prefer bigger bangus. Stuffing with a smaller neck hole can add more time to the process and makes me more irritable ^_^ Plus, I might disengage the bangus head from its neck.

*TIP NUMBER 3: Accident do happens, if and when the bangus was decapitated, the usual and old way is to sew the head and body together. Would that sound another arduous task? Instead, I’ll connect them by sticking toothpick. EASY!

TIP NUMBER 4: When the bangus have been stuffed, roll out the whole bangus into flour-egg-flour beofre deep frying. WHY? This will prevent the skin from sticking to the frying pan. Plus, it will add crispiness to the fish skin:). Don’t forget to remove the toothpicks before serving:)

THINK WE’RE DONE? Think it was!

AND, sorry this is the only photo I got out of the preparation I did for this relyenong bangus.Daughter didn’t get the instruction I asked her about photo ops:)

This might be the longest recipe post I have written in this site:)


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  1. u8mypinkcookies May 13, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    yummy. hirap lang gawin so we’d usually buy lang šŸ˜€ love the one from Dolor’s kakanin!

  2. Mylene May 16, 2011 at 6:52 am #

    Happy Anniversary:)

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. SavvyMama May 20, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    pede padalhan mo nalang ako…parang nahihilo ako sa process…ehehehe..kidding!