Wellness tips for the coming holidays

7 Dec

Holidays are here again. I wonder how much tolerance should I possessed so as not to go astray and go wayward on my eating habits. With eating habits, I can be lax with my intake. As I always find a good deal of reasoning for the constant bingeing. I am gonna have my exercise after eating or engage into a favao wellness, perhaps. An old exercise of mine. Please tell me there are others who are doing the same thing. So that I will be less guilty :)

Please can anyone tell me how hard it is getting away from food especially when there are so many events this coming holiday season -corporate parties, family reunions, school reunions, and many more family togetherness. How can we avoid eating more especially this holiday season?

Watch out for the grocery items.

As a budget conscious buyer, we are always on the look out for anything on sale. Remember, it’s when holiday season when most grocery shops try to “lure” consumers to buy items really not necessary yet are very tempting. It’s because these businesses knew that at every holidays or events, families and friends are overflowing with parties. And, at parties, our table “should be” overflowing with foods. We tend to buy items that are easily prepared yet we forget how they are laden with sugars and salts. Something that are unhealthy. And, so we are complaining of weight gains during the holidays?

Let’s review our grocery lists, plan head-on what to cook and stick to what are on the lists. Buy what is necessary and those that promotes better health.

Holidays are made for drinking.

What are holidays without wines? People stocked up on drinks, some are too pricey, it can overshoot our budget yet people do not mind, reasoning that holidays just comes not very so often. And, yet we are complaining of weight gains during the holidays?

We can always have wines. But, try to be a smart buyer. Read labels. We maybe looking the best tasting wine with less alcohol content out in the shops. Remember, too, that these are the types that are high in sugars and other flavors that may induce weight gain. So, the next time we shop for bottle of holiday wines, choose the ones with lesser flavors.

Same with sodas, why not opt for natural fruit juices, for these are the kind of drinks where health is promoted.

Yes, holidays are made for merrymaking and it all goes down to eating and drinking. But, do not try to let loose on bad habits. That we can always exercise after the bingeing. We can always enjoy the merriment the holidays can bring. Just be smart on the foods and drinks we picked.

How about you, what were your plans to avoid the holiday “fats”?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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