Dynamite Chili recipe

15 Jan

Colder weather ask for hot dishes. We have noodles, sopas, arroz caldo, and ginatan as snacks when the weather gets too cold. But, one day the daughter had other in mind. She offered to cook something hot.

The Dynamite. We tried this chili wrapped in lumpiya wrapper at a food kiosk when we were in Baguio City.

The recipe is very simple.


  • Jalapeno chilies (siling panigang)
  • cheese sticks
  • lumpiya wrapper
  • salt and pepper (optional)
  • oil for frying


  • Cut chili in half.
  • Stuff the cheese stick inside the chili.
  • Wrap in lumpiya wrapper.
  • Deep fry for 2 minutes.

TIP: Remove the seeds if you want less heat. As in any other chilies, the spice originates in the seeds.



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