Another No-Bake Grahams Treat

18 Apr

Maybe, this is the most common dessert most Filipinos love to prepare. Why? It’s a no-bake, no-fuss preparation. It’s a super easy sweet treat that everybody loves to indulge.

Including my family. I guess, we’ve come up with more versions than I can remember -we made ripe mangoes as topping, and Oreo topping, too.

Even kids can do this dessert. Boy! They love doing this dessert. So, I am hands-free. Er, I have to do the dishwashing :)

Anyways, here are the ingredients.

2 packs crushed Grahams
2 package of All-Purpose cream (chill and mix until thick)
2 cups fruit mix
2 cups honey (I use pancake syrup)


  • Mix together the crushed Grahams and the honey/syrup.
  • Press half of the mixture into a pan.
  • Pour in half of the cream.
  • Place the remaining Grahams mixture then pour the cream.
  • Then, top with fruit mix.


Let’s indulge with this pretty simple dessert.

Let kids do kitchen preps.

Thank you kids for helping me out. It always feels great knowing that kids show interest in cooking. It’ll be a lot of mess when kids take active part in kitchen preps. Never mind the mess. What’s more important is the learning experience they’ll reap out of the activity.


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