Few Tips In Cooking LecheFlan

22 May

I don’t know if it’s due to my PMS but definitely I have this BIG cravings for sweets.

Without having second thoughts, I went straight into the kitchen (just after lunch) and perspire for 2 hours (preparation and cooking) to come up with this plate-0-sweet.

Bathe in sweetness. I couldn’t care less. I’m going to indulge! :)

Leche Flan Cooking Tips:

I have been cooking Leche Flan for years now. Mind you, it’s an intimidating dessert. There have been too many cooking tips around to come up with better Leche Flans. One thing I discovered today?

Beat and Sieve

That, it’s okay to beat up your egg mixture at high speed (using electric mixer). Yes, it’ll create bubbles. Some say, when there’s too many bubbles, you’ll have a soggy Leche Flan. To solve this, I took out a clean cloth and use as a sieve. Gently pour in the egg mixture into the cloth making sure the bubbles are separated.

Then, pour egg mixture into separate molds.

Use the egg whites, too

Another thing. How many people have you heard to use egg yolks only in cooking Leche Flan? Many I guess. They say, the egg whites are not good in making Leche Flan -Egg whites are full of fats. Eggs whites can only make your Leche Flan create too many air pockets when cooked.

Whether it’s for health purposes or for aesthetic appeal of the dessert, it pains me to waste those egg whites. Especially that I am not making meringue :)

Steam at very low heat

And to lose those tiny air pockets (I said, sieving is the first solution), here’s what to do. Let the water in your steamer into a rolling boil. Afterwards, you can now lower the heat and start cooking your Leche Flan. You can achieve a super soft and smooth Leche Flan when you cook it at low heat.

Can we enjoy the sweetness now?

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