Home Cooking On Father’s Day

17 Jun

Again, these foodies are not restaurant-quality dishes. These were lovingly prepared and served at yesterday’s Father’s Day lunch. A collective effort from the the family.

*Simple Caesar’s salad, a simple take on Chicken a la King, stuffed bell peppers, and Carrot Cake for dessert.

No dining out on Father’s Day for us. The eldest daughter just arrived from Manila. She lacked sleep -tired and hungry. So, I decided it’s best if I will just cook at home and celebrate even in the simplest manner.

I have always said, I’d like to cook at home for my family. I always believe I achieved these three most significant elements doing so:

Cooking at home saved me a lot of money. When dining out, you tend to order more especially when there’s new dishes offered on the menu. That would mean shelling out more money. And, yes, did I say, value added taxes are increasing. Look at the the tab every time you dine out.

Cooking at home made me more health conscious than ever before. As a homemaker, you tend to learn more about nutrition. Thus, serving only what you know is best for my family. Of course, we enjoyed sugars, spice and everything nice, too. What’s important is, home cooking is very transparent -you know what you are using as key ingredients -you know on hand, what is there to add and to lessen.

Lastly, cooking at home made our family enjoy our togetherness a lot. Messy kitchen was the biggest err especially when kids are the ones taking in charge. But, what do we care? Forget the mess, forget the errs at most times trying to perfect a recipe or simply discovering a recipe. Everyday is a moment in the kitchen -the cooking experience (eating burnt foods were too often) and the momentous bond it effects us as a family. That’s priceless.

Event like today, Father’s Day, or even without special occasion, we enjoyed this kind of set-up -dining at home.

 There you go. That’s the benefit of home cooking to us. What about in your family? Do you enjoy eating home cooked meals?

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