Green Mangoes

28 Jun

Summer is the peak season for mangoes. Well, summer had ended. It’s nearing July and rain is as frequent these days. Yet, our mango tree is still beaming with some green fruits. These are not the typical green mangoes found in local fruits vendors. It’s a different mango variant. We call these as “Indian mangoes”. The peels never turned yellow. When unripe, its pulpy and fibrous flesh can be green and can turn into yellow when ripened.

We got few pieces today. The fruit peels are getting darker green color which suggest they are nearing ripeness.

Yellow fibrous pulp and yes, super crunchy. Perfect to dip in plain salt or add some red chilies for some hotness. Or, get that shrimp paste or fish paste as dipping.

Surely, you’ll enjoy these mangoes during those lazy and rainy afternoons. It is fresh. Packed with loads of nutrients – dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other significant phytochemicals.

These green mango variant can be ripened, too. Just cover each fruit with paper (old newspaper will also do) and in 1-2 days, flesh will turn to soft pulpy texture and becomes sweeter as it ripens. I will show how to make fresh mango juice out of Indian mangoes next time.

Promise, it’s a yummy drink :)

For now, I’ll enjoy this plate of yellows while watching online shows.

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