Easy Hot Pot for the Family

18 Nov

This colder weather? Hot pot is the answer. No rice and viand preps for tonight. Just this. Our version of hot pot. I know, hot pot can be overwhelming to prepare with the too many ingredients that needed be.

Given the budget, I would love to serve all those too tasting, too tempting ingredients to make this hot pot lived up its true name. But, then, mommies handle the budgeting – the motto – what is there in the pantry – so be it!

Get em off the pantry

I got some freshly bought bok choy (chinese cabbage), processed seafoods (sorry, fresh are pricey in the supermarket) – there’s a lot of variety in the supermarket. I also have 1 1/2 cups chicken fillet,  1 carrots, leeks, 1 teaspoon satay sauce (peanut sauce), 2-4 drops of sesame oil, ramen noodles (rice noodles will do too).


You just need to saute garlic (lots of crushed garlic), and ginger (optional). Set aside. Pour in chicken or beef stock (if beef is in your ingredient) in your good old rice cooker which is to be use as the steaming pot. Let simmer then add in the rest of the ingredients except bok choy and noodles. Season with salt and pepper. Add in the noodles and the bok choy when every diner is ready to be served upon.

easy hot spot

Easy and done. Now, I can check whether the Reid industrial supplies which the husband will try to reorder for their office was available.

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