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Few Tips In Cooking LecheFlan

22 May

I don’t know if it’s due to my PMS but definitely I have this BIG cravings for sweets.

Without having second thoughts, I went straight into the kitchen (just after lunch) and perspire for 2 hours (preparation and cooking) to come up with this plate-0-sweet.

Bathe in sweetness. I couldn’t care less. I’m going to indulge! :)

Leche Flan Cooking Tips:

I have been cooking Leche Flan for years now. Mind you, it’s an intimidating dessert. There have been too many cooking tips around to come up with better Leche Flans. One thing I discovered today?

Beat and Sieve

That, it’s okay to beat up your egg mixture at high speed (using electric mixer). Yes, it’ll create bubbles. Some say, when there’s too many bubbles, you’ll have a soggy Leche Flan. To solve this, I took out a clean cloth and use as a sieve. Gently pour in the egg mixture into the cloth making sure the bubbles are separated.

Then, pour egg mixture into separate molds.

Use the egg whites, too

Another thing. How many people have you heard to use egg yolks only in cooking Leche Flan? Many I guess. They say, the egg whites are not good in making Leche Flan -Egg whites are full of fats. Eggs whites can only make your Leche Flan create too many air pockets when cooked.

Whether it’s for health purposes or for aesthetic appeal of the dessert, it pains me to waste those egg whites. Especially that I am not making meringue :)

Steam at very low heat

And to lose those tiny air pockets (I said, sieving is the first solution), here’s what to do. Let the water in your steamer into a rolling boil. Afterwards, you can now lower the heat and start cooking your Leche Flan. You can achieve a super soft and smooth Leche Flan when you cook it at low heat.

Can we enjoy the sweetness now?

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easy creamy dessert

5 Apr

Holy Week it is. Yet, my small kitchen is busy. Holiday and vacation means there are mouths to feed. There’s the “forever hungry” kids who always looked for foods. There’s the eldest daughter who came home from a four-day trip to the mountains of Nueva Vizcaya. They’re always hungry.

And, it seems, I am forever stuck in the kitchen cooking something to satiate their hunger. I’m starting to get a headache thinking what else to cook…Good thing, there’s these dessert boxes from my sister-in-law. What I love about this dessert treat is its quick cooking procedure. No need for eggs. No need to steam.

Each small boxes comes with two separate pouches for the custard itself and the other one for the syrup. All I needed to do is;

  • Add 500ml of milk (I opted to use 2 cans of evaporated milk) for each box to make a small mold of this ready mix custard.
  • Mix the milk into the powder until free from lumps.
  • Bring to a slow simmer.
  • Pour in the syrup into the preferred mold.
  • Then pour in the custard creme.
  • Let it set and when cooled, place in the fridge.

I love doing the old fashioned leche flan, but these quick cooking desserts made me save on precious time. Because, I still have dinner to think about :)

leche flan

21 Apr

Glad that I was able to engage the kids in helping me with some of my “general cleaning” schedules in the house. Anyway, it is vacation month. All it takes for them to get their muscles moving were a promised of sweet treats ^_^

My three “piggies” were screaming their lungs out for ice-cream. We bought a half gallon Selecta and it seems, it didn’t quite reached their intestines ^_^.

Luckily, when the lad were sweeping out dried leaves in the backyard, he found these…

Chicken eggs gone astray in the backyard. As I said, hubby have quite few native chickens roaming around the perimeter of our yard. He has provided nesting baskets with rice straws in them, but this one quite didn’t enjoy her place…Where else should these eggs be? The kids were thinking the same thing as mine…Leche Flan!

Here’s my simple HOW TO:


  • eggs
  • condensed milk
  • evaporated milk
  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • vanilla
  • lime rind (or kalamansi rind would be just as good)

*First step: Beat in the eggs slowly. I did mixed in the eggs whites, anyway, it’s just a dessert for my kids to indulge. I prefer to manually beat the eggs, as placing them in an electric mixer will make the eggs foamy. Remember, it is a custard cake, not a sponge cake…

*Next, after beating the eggs, add in all the ingredients. Milk, white sugar, vanilla and the kalamansi rind. Mix thoroughly until sugar is fully dissolved and well blended.

*Meanwhile, onto to custard mold (llanera as we locals call the aluminum pan used for steaming up leche flan), place a teaspoonful of brown sugar and carefully set the mold in low fire. Wait til the sugar caramelized…

*Set aside first the pan with caramelized sugar…

*Then, pour into the molds the egg mixture, cover with foil or plastic to avoid moisture spilling into the small pans. Place the molds in steamer and cook in very low fire for 45 minutes. If a toothpick comes clean, then the custard is good to go…Hmmm, looks like I had made few llaneras here…

There’s the sampler. The minute I’ve taken it out of the pan, and, still smoking hot…IT WAS GONEKids do really have sweet tooth, just like meeee^_^

We’re planning to have halo-halo this Good Friday…Forgive us, O Lord for taking too many sweet indulgences this day…