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brownie craves

14 Oct

When cravings hit me, it hit me bad. I bought a small slice of brownies at N.E Bakery but it only fire up my cravings for the decadent brown treats. I wanted more.

And so, right after paying my groceries, I bought a small box of these brown goodies, looked for a seat in a corner, then while away my cravings…ALL FOR ME :)

Sweet Lord. Forgive :)

Easy Oreo Cream Dessert

31 Jan

Over the weekend, because me and the little miss had been busy reviewing for her monthly test at school, I fall short of cooking time expected from me. Still, our sweet cravings were met when I did saw few items in the pantry.

Oreo cookies, graham crackers, cream, and evaporated milk.

  • Layer off the grahams. I bought the one with sugar coating.
  • Hence, all I needed was a can of evaporated milk to help soften the crackers.
  • Then, drizzle with the cream.
  • Topped with cookies and cherries…

Easy does it :)


Christmas sweetness

19 Jan

Too much sweetness from down under!

Our three “piggies” had trouble dividing the loot “equally”. In the end, little miss piggy got half of the packages

Too much happiness.

cookie crunch polvoron

24 May

My mom was the one who taught me how to make polvoron. Thus, when I got married and decided to become a stay-at-home mom, I asked her if we could make some and sell them on to the school she were teaching. We would alternate the polvoron with ice-candy, or with yema.

Mom’s not with us since 2002 but, I still continue to do this sweet treat, not to sell, but, for my kids to enjoy. And, like mom, I did taught my kids how to make them.


500 grams flour

250 grams powdered milk

250 grams brown sugar

1 package of butter (i used Dairycream)

chocolate cookies (oreo is best here)

wrapping paper or colored plastics


1. Using a shallow pan, toast the flour using low heat. Turning constantly for about 10 minutes. Set aside.

2. Melt the butter in a saucepan.

3. Crumble the cookies (note: not crushed)

4. Add the milk, sugar, cookies into the flour. Mix thoroughly.

5. Add the melted butter into the dry ingredients. Mix.

6. Mold each polvoron and wrap.

The kids enjoyed helping me out and we could have wrapped 100 pieces were it not for the kids who never stopped munching every piece that they have molded. ^_^

total of 86 polvorons!