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shiitake mushrooms

8 Dec

This is a pack of shiitake mushrooms I bought at the market for twenty pesos. Glad that finally, our local market sells them. When, I had to look and buy them at the city. Funny thing is, the vendor was giving me “tengang daga” (a variety of black fungus also) whenever I asked for shiitakes. I would always say, they are of different stuff.Yes, they are both fungus. In appearance, they do differ. The tengang daga resembles that of a tutu or those Mexican flowing skirts. It is more of jelly-like and slippery when soaked in water.

Tengang daga (or wood ear, mouse eat, …whatever) is a little rubbery when cooked. Or, maybe, I just didn’t know how to cook it properly to achieved that crunch found mostly in Chinese dishes. With that failure, there goes the obvious preference for shiitake mushroom instead.

Preparing to cook this brown fungus is easy. It needed to be re-hydrated (soaked) in water for say 10-15 minutes before cooking. Drain and discard the liquid. That easy. I am actually stocking up on few packs of these dried mushrooms. They would always make my meeky pancit  more flavorful and oh, it adds sweetness to stir-fry veggies.

There has been growing promotion over the beneficial effects on health of shiitake as antitumor, lowers cholesterol and boosting the immune system. I sure bet.

For now, I would want to enjoy my pancit canton…